Archetype Abilities

These abilities are the ones that are common for a group of related classes. For the magician these are shared by the enchanter, necromancer and wizard classes - the intelligence-based, pure caster classes.

There are a number of archetype abilities that are important to magicians and a few that really aren't that useful to us.

As of the September 23, 2015 patch Knowledge of Alaran Culture and Knowledge of Alaran Culture - Advanced have been removed.

Ability Summary Category
Arcane Whisper Reduces hate on a single target. * Defensive, Archetype
Bind Affinity Sets your bind point. Utility, Class
Companion's Alacrity Increased chance for pet to flurry attacks. Pet Offensive, Archetype
Companion's Blessing Heal-over-time for your pet. * Pet Defensive, Archetype
Companion's Discipline Adds pet advanced commands. Pet Utility, Archetype
Companion's Durability Increases pet hit points. Pet Defensive, Archetype
Companion's Fury Frenzied Burnout pet ability. * Pet Offensive, Archetype
Companion's Wrath Increased pet melee critical hits. * Pet Offensive, Archetype
Destructive Fury Increased spell critical damage. * Offensive, Archetype
Divine Companion Aura Temporary pet invulnerability. * General, Pet Defensive
Expansive Mind Increased maximum mana regeneration. Utility, Archetype
Forceful Rejuvenation Resets spell reuse timers. Utility, Archetype
Fortify Companion Reduces damage to your pet. * Pet Defensive, Archetype
Fury of Magic Increased chance of direct-damage spell critical (improved Spell Casting Fury). Offensive, Archetype
Gate Fast version of Gate. * Utility, Archetype
Gift of Mana Chance of being able to cast next spell for 1 mana. Utility, Archetype
Group Perfected Levitation Group version of Perfected Levitation. Utility, Archetype
Hastened Companion's Blessing Reduced reuse time for Companion's Blessing. Pet Defensive, Archetype
Hastened Forceful Rejuvenation Reduced reuse time for Forceful Rejuvenation. * Utility, Archetype
Hastened Fortify Companion Reduced reuse time for Fortify Companion. Pet Offensive, Archetype