Archetype Abilities

These abilities are the ones that are common for a group of related classes. For the magician these are shared by the enchanter, necromancer and wizard classes - the intelligence-based, pure caster classes.

There are a number of archetype abilities that are important to magicians and a few that really aren't that useful to us.

As of the September 23, 2015 patch Knowledge of Alaran Culture and Knowledge of Alaran Culture - Advanced have been removed.

Ability Summary Category
Spell Casting Expertise Reduces chance to fizzle spells (lower levels) Utility, Archetype
Spell Casting Fury Increases your chance of critical spell hits. Offensive, Archetype
Spell Casting Mastery Reduced mana cost for spells. Utility, Archetype
Spell Casting Reinforcement Increased duration for beneficial spells. Archetype
Spell Casting Subtlety Reduced hate when casting spells. *** Defensive, Archetype
Staff Block Chance of blocking an attack when using a staff. Defensive, Archetype
Summon Companion Summon pet with chance to fade. Utility, Archetype
Suspended Minion Suspend pet. Pet Utility, Archetype