Class Abilities

These abilities are specific to one class (in our case - magicians).

There are abilities that greatly increase the offensive and defensive capabilities of both the magician and their pet. If you raid or group a lot you may wish to spend your early points on increasing the offensive capabilites of yourself first. If you do a lot of soloing where your pet is expected to "tank" for you then you may want to spend your early points at least partially on your pet first.

As of the September 23, 2015 patch Knowledge of Alaran Culture and Knowledge of Alaran Culture - Advanced have been removed.

Ability Summary Category
Elemental Form: Water Turn into a water elemental, gaining water breathing and increased mana regeneration. Utility, Class
Elemental Fury Increases your pet's chance to critical hit. Pet Offensive, Class
Elemental Pact Prevent components used in the summoning of pets from being expended. Pet Utility, Class
Elemental Union Increases spell damage. * Offensive, Class
Elemental Ward Surrounds you in protective runes that absorb damage and heal you. * Defensive, Class
Eradicate Magic Purge up to 4 effects (NPCs only) Utility, Class
Extended Frenzied Burnout Increased duration of Frenzied Burnout. Pet Offensive, Class
Extended Heart of Flames Increased duration of Heart of Flames. Offensive, Class
Extended Heart of Ice Increased duration of Heart of Ice. Offensive, Class
Extended Heart of Stone Increased duration of Heart of Stone. Offensive, Class
Extended Heart of Vapor Increased duration of Heart of Vapor. Offensive, Class
Extended Malosinete Increased duration of Malosinete. * Offensive, Class
Extended Raging Servant Increased duration of Raging Servants. * Defensive, Class
Extended Silent Casting Increased duration for Silent Casting. * Defensive, Class
Extended Swarm Increased duration for swarm pets. * Offensive, Class
Flames of Power Increased chance of Fickle Magma triggering Flames of Power. Offensive, Class
Focus of Arcanum Reduces spell resist rate. * Offensive, Class
Force of Elements Direct damage attack. Offensive, Class
Frenzied Burnout A powerful, short duration pet damage buff. * Pet Offensive, Class
Fundament of Intellect Increased mana and intelligence cap. Higher ranks unlock the Spire of the Elements abilities. Utility, Class