Class Abilities

These abilities are specific to one class (in our case - magicians).

There are abilities that greatly increase the offensive and defensive capabilities of both the magician and their pet. If you raid or group a lot you may wish to spend your early points on increasing the offensive capabilites of yourself first. If you do a lot of soloing where your pet is expected to "tank" for you then you may want to spend your early points at least partially on your pet first.

As of the September 23, 2015 patch Knowledge of Alaran Culture and Knowledge of Alaran Culture - Advanced have been removed.

Ability Summary Category
Fundament: First Spire of the Elements Increases chance of critical spell hits. * Offensive, Class
Fundament: Second Spire of the Elements Provides a pet damage proc. * Pet Offensive, Class
Fundament: Third Spire of the Elements Provides a group damage shield and increased fire resist. * Defensive, Class
Group Perfected Invisibility Group version of Perfected Invisibility. Utility, Class
Group Perfected Invisibility To Undead Group version of Perfected Invisibility to Undead. Utility, Class
Hastened Arcane Whisper Reduced reuse time for Arcane Whisper. * Defensive, Class
Hastened Companion's Relocation Reduced reuse time for Companion's Relocation. Pet Utility, Class
Hastened Divine Companion Aura Reduced reuse time for Divine Companion Aura. Pet Defensive, Class
Hastened Drape of Shadows Reduced reuse time for Drape of Shadows. Pet Defensive, Class
Hastened Elemental Union Reduced reuse time for Elemental Union. * Offensive, Class
Hastened Frenzied Burnout Reduced reuse time for Frenzied Burnout. Pet Offensive, Class
Hastened Host of the Elements Reduced reuse time for Host of the Elements. Offensive, Class
Hastened Improved Twincast Reduced reuse time for Improved Twincast. * Offensive, Class
Hastened Malosinete Reduced reuse time for Malosinete. Offensive, Class
Hastened Mass Group Buff Reduced reuse time for Mass Group Buff. * Utility, Class
Hastened Mending Reduced reuse time for Mend Companion. Pet Utility, Class
Hastened Raging Servant Reduced reuse time for Raging Servants. Offensive, Class
Hastened Second Wind Ward Reduced reuse time for Second Wind Ward. * Pet Defensive, Class
Hastened Spires of Elements Reduced reuse time for Spires of Elements abilities. * Class
Hastened Virulent Talon Reduced reuse time for Virulent Talon. Pet Offensive, Class