Class Abilities

These abilities are specific to one class (in our case - magicians).

There are abilities that greatly increase the offensive and defensive capabilities of both the magician and their pet. If you raid or group a lot you may wish to spend your early points on increasing the offensive capabilites of yourself first. If you do a lot of soloing where your pet is expected to "tank" for you then you may want to spend your early points at least partially on your pet first.

As of the September 23, 2015 patch Knowledge of Alaran Culture and Knowledge of Alaran Culture - Advanced have been removed.

Ability Summary Category
Hastened Wind of Malosinete Reduced recast time for Wind of Malosinete. * Utility, Class
Heart of Flames Increases the damage done by your fire spells. * Offensive, Class
Heart of Ice Reduces spell damage. * Defensive, Class
Heart of Stone Reduces melee damage. * Defensive, Class
Heart of Vapor Reduces hate generated. * Defensive, Class
Host In the Shell Places a shield of runes on your pet. Pet Defensive, Class
Host of the Elements Summons a swarm of short-duration pets that will do significant damage to your target. * Offensive, Class
Improved Reclaim Energy Returns more mana on Reclaim Pet. Utility, Class
Improved Twincast Improved version of Twincast spell. * Offensive, Class
Malosinete Reduces target's Cold, Fire, Magic and Poison resistance. * Offensive, Class
Mana Reserve Restores some mana when low on mana. * Utility, Class
Mass Group Buff Turns the next group buff that you cast into a beneficial area effect spell. Utility, Class
Mend Companion Heals your pet. Pet Utility, Class
Perfected Invisibility Invisibility Utility, Class
Perfected Invisibility to Undead Invisibility to undead. Utility, Class
Quick Summoning Reduces the casting time for summoning spells. Utility, Class
Quickened Call Hither Reduced cast time for Call Hither. Utility, Class
Quickened Companion's Aegis Reduced cast time for Companion's Aegis. Offensive, Class
Quickened Frenzied Burnout Reduces the casting time of Frenzied Burnout. * Pet Offensive, Class
Quickened Host of the Elements Reduces the casting time of Host of the Elements. * Offensive, Class