Class Abilities

These abilities are specific to one class (in our case - magicians).

There are abilities that greatly increase the offensive and defensive capabilities of both the magician and their pet. If you raid or group a lot you may wish to spend your early points on increasing the offensive capabilites of yourself first. If you do a lot of soloing where your pet is expected to "tank" for you then you may want to spend your early points at least partially on your pet first.

As of the September 23, 2015 patch Knowledge of Alaran Culture and Knowledge of Alaran Culture - Advanced have been removed.

Ability Summary Category
Quickened Malosinete Reduced reuse time for Malosinete. * Offensive, Class
Quickened Suspend Minion Reduces the casting time of Suspend Minion Pet Utility, Class
Reaching Frenzied Burnout Increases the distance for Frenzied Burnout. Pet Utility, Class
Reaching Shared Health Increased range for Shared health. * Defensive, Class
Replenish Companion Heals your pet (improved version of Mend Companion). * Pet Utility, Class
Second Wind Ward Use for a small heal and damage absorption when your pet is low on health. * Pet Defensive, Class
Servant of Ro Summons a short-lived damage pet. * Offensive, Class
Shared Health Share damage with your pet. * Defensive, Class
Shield of the Elements Reduces cold and fire spell damage. * Defensive, Class
Shifting Elements Decreased reuse time for Elemental Heart abilities. Utility, Class
Steel Vengeance Chance of extra damage on direct-damage magic-based spells. * Offensive, Class
Stone Core Reduces melee damage (improved Heart of Stone). * Defensive, Class
Sturdy Companion Increases your pet's damage mitigation. Pet Defensive, Class
Summon Modulation Shard Summons a Modulation Shard. * Utility, Class
Summoner's Beckon 50% chance to not consume reagent for Call of the Hero Utility, Class
Theft of Essence Chance to heal pet when casting bane spells. Offensive, Class
Tranquil Blessings Turns the next group buff that you cast into a beneficial area effect spell. Utility, Class
Turn Summoned Damage-over-time to summoned creatures with a chance to destroy it. * Offensive, Class
Twincast Increases the chance of any damage spell being twincast. Offensive, Class
Velocity Increases pet movement speed. Pet Utility, Class