Class Skills

All spells fall into one of five skills:

  • Abjuration
  • Alteration
  • Conjuration
  • Divination
  • Evocation

Your chance to successfully cast a spell is dependant upon the level of it's corresponding skill. The higher your skill the less likely you are to "fizzle" or fail to cast the spell.

Bolt spells and fire-based spells are typically evocation based. Summoning and magic-based spells are typically conjuration-based. Divination-based spells are typically the sense/detect type spells and invisibility. Your "buff" spells and pet heals fall into the abjuration and alteration skills.

It's important to keep your skills raised as you level, or you may find it difficult to cast spells. Conjuration and evocation tend to raise just from normal adventuring since you will use a lot of spells from these skills. Divination is probably the skill that gives magicians the most problem as you typically don't use many divination spells until you get Invisibility at level 8 and you find yourself fizzling a lot if your divination skill is low.

Every time you cast a spell you have a chance of raising the corresponding skill (up to the maximum for your level). It doesn't matter what level the spell is, so if you want to raise your skills you can use the lowest mana spells to practice. For example, you can repeatedly cast Sense Summoned or True North to raise Divination skill.

Once you start learning specialization skills they will also increase as you cast spells. Specialization reduces the mana cost of the spell. The first specialization that you raise above 50 is your primary specialization, and allows a higher maximum level of that skill than the others. You want to be careful that you raise the skill you want, which may involve some spell practice. Magicians will typically choose either Conjuration or Evocation as their primary skill. The magician community is somewhat divided on which specialization is better - it really depends on which type of spell you use more. At level 55 you can learn the Alternate Ability Secondary Forte which allows you to choose a secondary specialization which allows for a higher maximum level, though not as high as your primary. Should you need or wish to change your specialization you may do so with the Respecialization quest.