Cloak of Shadows


The ability allows you a chance to fade from the enemy's sight.

If successful this will cause your opponent(s) to forget you and effectively makes you invisible (although there is no "buff" displayed). The command for using this in a macro is "/alt activate 2061".

"Now, upon successfully rolling your escape chance, if you are at least 30 feet away from all targets that have you high (top 10) on their hatelist, you will have a spell cast on you. In most cases this spell is an invisibility buff.

"Starting at level 75 most classes are only able to immediately escape combat from NPCs that are yellow con (player level +3) or lower. Exceptions to this are Rogues, Bards, Monks, Shadowknights and Rangers who can escape from NPCs that are up to 5 levels higher. AA abilities available prior to level 71 now work on creatures up to level 75." September 23, 2015 Patch Notes

(Do not confuse this ability with the necromancer and shadowknight ability of the same name. That, and the spell and item effects of the same name are just invisibility, and not fade.)