Companion's Discipline

Adds pet advanced commands.

This passive ability allows you yo give your pet advanced commands. Hotkeys for these commands can be created using the pet control window.

Rank 1 - Hold and Greater Hold - /pet hold -or- /pet ghold
When your pet is in the hold state, your pet will only attack something that you tell it to, and your pet will continue to attack anything on its hate list after that point. Once the encounter is finished, your pet will automatically go back to its held state. If your pet is never told to exclusively attack anything, your pet will never attack anything, even if something is attacking it.

The grater hold state forces your pet to not add anything to its hatelist unless specifically added by you. You can add a target to your pet's hatelist with either /pet attack or /pet qattack.

Rank 2 - Focus - /pet focus
While focused, your pet will ignore all other opponents until the target that it was last instructed to attack is defeated.

Rank 3 - Spell Hold - /pet spellhold
This command prevents your pet from casting spells.

Rank 8 - Swarm and QSwarm - /pet swarm and /pet qswarm
Commands your temporary pets to attack (or queue attacking) your current target.


One interesting use of pet hold is to duel someone and have them attack your held pet to work on their combat skills. Be aware that a pet can still riposet which can cause damage to the player attacking it.

16/pet hold, /pet ghold59SoL
25/pet focus67OoW
33/pet spellhold69OoW
816/pet swarm, /pet qswarm70EoK