Dimensional Instability

Randomly teleports you short distances reducing hatred generated and reducing melee damage taken. *

By creating a localized field of unstable reality, this ability periodically teleports you in random directions while keeping you slightly phased out of physical existence. While Dimensional Instability is active, enemies will notice your actions significantly less and you will be less susceptible to melee damage. Be careful! The locational shifts caused by Dimensional Instability beginning and ending will interrupt your spell casting.

Ranks 2-5 reduce the time required between uses of this ability by 2.5 minutes per rank.

This ability will mitigate melee damage by 50% up to 10,000 total, and decrease hatred generated by 60%. The position shift can potentially place you in undesirable plaes, and can interrupt your spell casting. It has a reuse time of 30 minutes. The command for a macro is "/alt activate 639".

The usefulness of this ability is questionable.