Elemental Form: Air

Turn into an air elemental, increasing resists and chance of stun.

This ability will allow you to turn into an air elemental, gaining innate benefits of the form. Ranks 4 and above will give your detrimental spells a chance to stun their target, each rank increasing the chance the stun will proc.

While in this form this ability will give you levitation, see invisible, and will raise all your resists. With ranks 4 to 6, most of your detrimental spells will have a chance to stun your target for a short period of time. Stuns will only affect mobs up to level 100. The command for a macro is "/alt activate 64".

13+10 resists59SoL
26+15 resists59SoL
39+25 resists59SoL
411+25 resists,Stun96RoF
513+25 resists,Stun98RoF
615+25 resists,Stun100RoF