Elemental Form: Fire

Turn into a fire elemental, gaining increased intelligence, damage shield and casting ability, with a chance of a buff which increases damage. *

This ability will allow you to turn into a fire elemental, granting innate benefits of the form. Ranks 4 and above will give your fire spells a chance to proc a damage increasing buff on your group, each rank will increase the chance that the buff will proc.

While in this form this ability will increase your intelligence, damage shield and your effective casting level. With Ranks 4 and higher there is an increasing chance that your fire spells (level 85 and higher) will proc Elemental Flames which is a group buff that will increase spell damage by 25 to 100%.

13INT+10,DS+10,Eff cast lvl 159SoL
26INT+20,DS+20,Eff cast lvl 359SoL
39INT+30,DS+30,Eff cast lvl 559SoL