General Abilities

The General group of Alternate Abilities are ones that are available to all classes. They mostly deal with a character's basic statistics (e.g., HP, MANA, Strength, resistances), tradeskills, and other things that are available to all classes.

Some of these General abilities are very useful to a magician. Innate Run Speed is a permanant run speed improvement that works both indoors and outdoors. Having at least rank 3 of this ability (typically refered to as Run 3) will let you outrun most of the enemies you will face. I personally recommend getting Run 3 as some of the first AA points you spend.

Some of these General abilities are of limited or no use to the magician. For example, Wisdom is not a statistic that is relevant to a magician, and investing points into it is a waste. With the high Strength bonuses and the weight reducing containers that high level characters typically have, the Packrat ability is probably of little use to any class (except perhaps to monks).

Ability Summary Category
Arcane Tongues Reduced chance of failing research combines. * General, Tradeskill
Armor of Wisdom Increased armor class. * Defensive, General
Baking Mastery Reduced chance of failing baking combinations. * General, Tradeskill
Battle Ready Expanded bandolier. General, Utility
Blacksmithing Mastery Reduced chance of failing blacksmithing combinations. * General, Tradeskill
Brewing Mastery Reduced chance of failing brewing combinations. * General, Tradeskill
Combat Agility Increased melee damage avoidance. * General, Utility
Combat Stability Increased melee damage mitigation. * Defensive, General
Delay Death Increased amount of damage you can take before dying after falling unconscious. * Defensive, General
Discordant Defiance Increased maximum resistances. Defensive, General
Energetic Attunement Increased maximum hit point regeneration. * General, Utility
Enhanced Reformation Increased maximum endurance regeneration. * General, Utility
Eyes Wide Open Increased extended target window slots. General, Utility
First Aid Increased maximum for which you can bind wounds. General, Utility
Fishing Mastery Improved fishing skill. * General, Tradeskill
Fletching Mastery Reduced chance of failing fletching combinations. * General, Tradeskill
Foraging Grants you increased forage skill. * General, Utility
General Sturdiness Increased maximum hit points. * Defensive, General
Identify Identify. General, Utility
Innate Eminence Increased base statistics. * General, Utility