General Abilities

The General group of Alternate Abilities are ones that are available to all classes. They mostly deal with a character's basic statistics (e.g., HP, MANA, Strength, resistances), tradeskills, and other things that are available to all classes.

Some of these General abilities are very useful to a magician. Innate Run Speed is a permanant run speed improvement that works both indoors and outdoors. Having at least rank 3 of this ability (typically refered to as Run 3) will let you outrun most of the enemies you will face. I personally recommend getting Run 3 as some of the first AA points you spend.

Some of these General abilities are of limited or no use to the magician. For example, Wisdom is not a statistic that is relevant to a magician, and investing points into it is a waste. With the high Strength bonuses and the weight reducing containers that high level characters typically have, the Packrat ability is probably of little use to any class (except perhaps to monks).

Ability Summary Category
Innate Lung Capacity Increased underwater breathing. General, Utility
Innate Metabolism Decreased food consumption. General, Utility
Innate Regeneration Increased hit point regeneration. * General, Utility
Innate Run Speed Increased run speed. * General, Utility
Innate See Invis Grants permanent see invisibility. General, Utility
Innate Spell Resistance Increased base resistances. * General, Utility
Jewel Craft Mastery Reduced chance of failing jewel crafting combinations. * General, Tradeskill
Mental Fortitude Increased charm resistance. General, Utility
Mystical Attuning Increased buff slots. General, Utility
Mystical Shield Grants chance to resist any spell. Defensive, General
Natural Durability Increased maximum hit points. * Defensive, General
New Tanaan Crafting Mastery Allows additional tradeskill specializations. General, Tradeskill
Origin Transport to starting city. General, Utility
Packrat Reduced inventory weight. General, Utility
Persistent Illusions Beneficial illusions persist when zoning. General, Utility
Planar Power Increased maximum Agility, Charisma, Dexterity, Intelligence, Stamina, Strength, and Wisdom. General, Utility
Pottery Mastery Reduced chance of failing pottery combinations. * General, Tradeskill
Quick Draw Increased potion belt slots. General, Utility
Salvage Chance to recover component on failed tradeskill combine. General, Tradeskill
Tailoring Mastery Reduced chance of failing tailoring combinations. * General, Tradeskill