Gift of Mana

Chance of being able to cast next spell for 1 mana.

Whenever you cast a level 65 to 70 spell that heals or harms someone, this ability grants you an innate chance for the next spell you cast within a specific range to only cost a single point of mana. Each rank increases the minimal level range which may trigger this ability as well as the spell level affected. Rank 4 - 75 and lower. Rank 5 - level 80 and lower. Rank 6 - level 85 and lower. Rank 6 - level 90 and lower. Rank 7 - level 95 and lower. Rank 9 - level 100 and lower. Rank 10 - level 105 and lower.

This is a nice ability that can greatly reduce your mana consumption. The temporary buff will show up in your songs window. When it does, cast one of your high-mana spells, for example, one of your Rumbling Servant line of spells. The second spell will only cost 1 mana.

This requires that you have learned at least rank 3 of Spell Casting Mastery.

1366DoDSpell Casting Mastery 3
4975 and lower71TSS
5980 and lower76SoF
6985 and lower81SoD
7990 and lower86HoT
81295 and lower91VoA
912100 and lower96RoF
1012105 and lower101TDS