Journeyman's Speed

Increases run speed.

This ability will further increase your base run speed. This modification does NOT stack with movement rate spell effects.

This is a special progression ability which you gain from completing the exploration achievements. There are a total of 21 overall exploration achievments from the base Everquest and the expansions (up through Call of the Forsaken). When you complete the first of these you will receive a Journeyman's Compass. Every time you complete 4 of these main exploration achievments you can click the compass to gain a rank of the Journeyman's Speed ability. Each rank increases your base run speed by 1.7%. (Bard, Monks and Rangers actually get a different effect.)

Having all 5 ranks of this ability on top of Innate Run Speed rank 5 is like having Innate Run Speed 6. Just as with Innate Run Speed, having spell effects like Spirit of Wolf or being mounted does not stack with Journeyman's Speed.

The Journeyman's Compass will list the number of qualifying explorer achievements you have completed out of 20. Originally it only counted the achievments up through Rain of Fear, but now also counts Call of the Forsaken. It may be a bug that it doesn't say 21, or perhaps only 20 of them count.

10+1.7%1Progression4 achievements
20+3.4%1Progression8 achievements
30+5.1%1Progression12 achievements
40+6.8%1Progression16 achievements
50+8.5%1Progression20 achievements