Mercenary Abilities

With the Call of the Forsaken expansion our mercenaries can now earn alternate ability experience and learn their own special mercenary abilities. A mercenary must be unsuspended to gain experience, and they have their own tab in the alternate ability window.

The experience and abilities are the same across all your mercenaries. A few of these abilities are useful to any type of mercenary. Other abilities are only relevant to specific classes of mercenaries, for example Healing Acumen is only relevant to healer mercenaries.

Ability Summary Category
Furious Wrath Increased threat. (Tank) * Mercenary
Healing Acumen Increased healing. (Healer) Mercenary
Improved Health Increase hit points. (General) Mercenary
Improved Mana Increased mana. (General) Mercenary
Improved Melee Defense Improved armor class. (General) * Mercenary
Improved Spell Resistance Increased spell resistance. (General) * Mercenary
Mystic Destruction Increased spell damage. (Caster DPS) * Mercenary
Rising Fury Increased melee damage. (Melee DPS) * Mercenary
Silent Arcanum Reduced agro from spells. (Caster DPS) * Mercenary
Steadfast Resolve Increased damage mitigation. (Tank) * Mercenary
Subtle Magic Reduced agro from healer spells. (Healer) * Mercenary
Subtle Strikes Reduced agro from melee. (Melee DPS) * Mercenary