Recommended Abilities

There are a number of Alternate Abilities that are important for a magician to learn. Some will apply whether the magician is soloing, grouping, or raiding. There is no single right order in which to learn these abilities, especially since it will vary based on the play style of the magician, or whether they raid or solo or do both.

There are some very useful special abilities that can be very useful for all magicians. Some may question the importance of getting some of these, at least in the beginning, but some of them can be very handy and important for the magician. Some of these are handy versions that use no mana and can be kept on a hotbar, rather than taking up one of your limited spell slots.

  • Secondary Forte allows you to have a secondary specialization, which can reduce mana usage. Magicians that specialize in evocation will probably want a secondary specialization of Conjuration (and vice versa).
  • Gate is a fast casting version of your Gate spell that you can keep always at the ready on a hotbar, and can be cast with no mana.
  • Innate Run Speed increases the magician's run speed. The first three ranks of this are cheap, and worth learning. It works even indoors where other speed-increasing spells and mounts do not work.
  • Perfected Invisibility is a quick-casting, zero mana invisibility that you can keep on a hotbar. Group Perfected Invisibility will make your entire group invisible.
  • Perfected Invisibility To Undead is a quick-casting, zero mana invisibility to undead that you can keep on a hotbar. Especially useful since magicians don't normally get this as a spell. Group Perfected Invisibility To Undead is the group version.
  • Call of the Hero is a zero-mana version of the CotH ability that you can keep on a hotbar.
  • Malosinete is a zero-mana debuff that you can keep on a hotbar. It is rarely resisted, except by those foes that are immune.

There are some alternate abilities that are critical for one's pet. This is true for both soloing and raiding.

  • Pet Discipline: Allows you to tell your pet to hold, essential for pet control. This is generally considered a must-have ability for raids.
  • Advanced Pet Discipline (first rank): Enables pet focus, allowing your pet to focus on your target. Essential for having your pet keep aggro while you do damage.
  • Pet Affinity: Allows group spells and MGB's to land on your pet. Very useful for getting your pet buffed in the guild lobby, or in groups, or on raids.
  • Suspended Minion: Grants the ability to suspend and resummon your pet. You may summon a second pet when the first is suspended. The ability to have a fully buffed and equipped spare pet "in your pocket" that you can bring out when you other pet dies can be quite useful. Can also be useful to suspend your pet for a short time so you can summon one of the special familiars for a short time.

Next there are a number of abilities that increase the defensive capabilities, and your ability to keep your pet alive in combat. These are probably not as useful for a raid, but very important for the solo magician or when the pet is tanking/off-tanking for a group.

  • Elemental Alacrity / Elemental Agility / Companion's Agility / Sturdy Companion: Passive abilities that increase damage mitigation and avoidance.
  • Elemental Durability / Companion's Durability: Increase your pet's hit points.
  • Mend Companion / Replenish Companion: Heal your pet.
  • Hastened Mending: Reduces the reuse time of your Mend Companion abilities.
  • Companion's Blessing: A heal-over-time for your pet.
  • Companion's Gift: Gives you a chance to do an exceptional heal when healing your pet, doubling the healing value of the spell.
  • Fortify Companion: Active ability that helps with damage mitigation and avoidance.
  • Hastened Fortify Companion: Reduces the recast time of Fortify Companion from 30 min to 15 minutes with the sixth rank.
  • Host in the Shell: Creates a rune around your pet, reducing the damage they take for a short time.

Next are abilities that increase your pet's offensive abilities, or that increase the magician's offensive abilities. The raiding magician may want to focus on their own abilities first. The soloing magician might wish to focus on the pet abilities, or learn them equally.

The following abilities increase your pet's offensive ability.

  • Companion's Fury / Elemental Fury: Increases the chance of your pet getting a "critical strike" and doing increased melee damage.
  • Elemental Alacrity: Increases your pet's chance of "flurrying" and doing additional attacks. While probably more useful the the pet Fury abilities, because of the relative high costs of some ranks you may want to build them equally.
  • Frenzied Burnout: Causes your pet to go berserk and do increase damage for a short time (sort of like a super-Burnout ability). It increases their AC, strength, haste, etc.
  • Hastened Burnout: Reduces the reuse time on Frenzied Burnout.
  • Quickened Frenzied Burnout: Reduces the cast time on Frenzied Burnout. (Given the high AA cost of these abilities they may not be worthwhile.)
  • Extended Burnout: Increases the duration on Frenzied Burnout.
  • Virulent Talon: Gives your pet the ability to do poison damage on melee attacks for a short time.

The following abilities increase your offensive capabilities.

  • Quick Damage: Reduces the casting time on your damage spells.
  • Spell Casting Fury: Increases the chance you getting a "critical strike" on your offensive spells, potentially doubling the damage done.
  • Spell Casting Mastery: Reduces the mana cost of your spells.
  • Spell Casting Subtlety: Reduces the hatred you generate when casting spells on your opponents, and should be increased as necessary to manage your hatred.
  • Fury of Magic / Destructive Fury: Increase the damage you do with your spells.
  • Host of the Elements: Summons a number of short-lived pets that attack your target. Higher ranks increase the number of pets, their damage and their duration.
  • Hastened Host of the Elements: Reduces the reuse time of Host of the Elements.
  • Quickened Host of the Elements: Reduces the cast time of Host of the Elements. (Given the high AA cost of these abilities they may not be worthwhile.)
  • Gift of Mana (series of abilities): This triggers often when you cast a damage spell, and for a short time will let you cast another offensive spell for a single point of mana.
  • Twincast: A passive ability that gives you a small chance of getting a double cast anytime you cast a direct damage spell.
  • Improved Twincast: Twinprocs the next 8 or so casts; careful aggro management required here.
  • Elemental Form: Fire / Heart of Flames /Fire Core: Increases the damage of your fire-based offensive spells.
  • Force of Elements: A quick cast, zero mana damage ability. Mana free damage is always useful.
  • Servant of Ro: Summons a short duration fire pet. While it does not do a lot of damage, increased ranks will increase the damage, and mana-free damage is always useful. (The other offensive abilities should probably take priority.)

There are some abilities that increase your defensive capabilities. While the melee-related abilities are not crucial for a magician, they are available. There are also some abilities that will increase your statistics and resists. Given the bonuses on gear these days these increases may not be as useful, but there are a couple of abilities that are worthwhile.

  • Shield of the Elements: Provides you with increased mitigation against both cold and fire based spells for a short time.
  • Innate Enlightenment: Raises the maximum level of your Intelligence and Wisdom by ten points per rank.
  • Planar Power: Raises the maximum level of all your statistics by five points per rank.
  • Mental Fortitude: Provides you an innate resistance to charm spells.
  • Discordant Defiance: Raises the maximum level of all your resists by five points per rank.
  • Drape of Shadows: A pet "fade" that can be useful in some cases for wiping aggro

Finally there are some handy abilities that are not crucial, but can make life simpler.

  • Mnemonic Retention: Adds additional spell slots. Even with the abilities that replace some of your basic spells, you will probably find additional spell slots handy.
  • Mystical Attuning: Increases the number of mystical effects ("buffs") that can affect you. Especially handy for raids where the number of buffs can be quite large.
  • Persistent Casting: Gives you a chance to not be interrupted when you are struck in combat. Could be the difference between life and death when you are trying to get that Gate spell off.
  • Elemental Pact: Eliminates the consumption of components used in summoning pets. While malachites are cheap, you don't ever want to be stuck without any, and if you "chain-cast" pets this can be very useful.
  • Intrinsic Efficiency: Reduces the chance of consuming components while casting spells. At rank three you can use the Call of the Hero ability and not consume pearls (very handy if you use it a lot).
  • Small/Medium/Large Modulation Shard: Summons a "modulation rod" type shard. Especially nice since it uses no mana to summon the shard.
  • Aspect of Zomm: A zero mana "Eye of Zomm" type ability that you can keep on a hotbar.
  • Companion's Relocation: Moves your pet forward slightly in the direction you are facing. Can be useful in moving a water pet behind your opponent that is being fought by someone else, thus allowing the pet to backstab. (If your tank is smart they will already know to position their target for this anyway.)
  • Perfected Levitation: Levitation for the magician that lasts until canceled. (There is also a group version.)