Overview of Spells

The novice magician starts out with little but the shirt on their back and a simple dagger. They also start out knowing the spells Burst of Flame and Minor Shielding. There are other spells you can buy when you have some money. At higher levels there will be some spells that are sold by only one or two vendors, or only available as the reward for completing a quest. Some spells are very rare and only can be found by killing rare or tough opponents. Then there are some spells which are only available through research, such as some of the mid-level pet spells.

Many or our magician spells deal with summoning elemental beings to serve as your servants or pets, or summoning items that we or our friends or pets can use. We also learn spells for doing damage to our foes, mostly fire and magical damage. We get some limited ability to heal our pet but not our self, and get some limited ability to "buff" our self and our pet.

You can Search for spells by level and name, or use the Spell Glossary to search for all spells by initial letter.