Are Kronos Bad For EQ?

I know this isn't supposed to be a blog, and I don't normally post something like this, but if you played EQ in the past and are playing it today you no doubt have seen that things have gotten a bit out of hand. This seems to be especially true on the progression servers, such as Agnarr.

The amount of kill-steal, camp hogging/stealing, and just general griefing has reached ridiculous levels. Need a drop for your epic or some other quest, or a piece of great gear? Chances are the spot is either perma-camped or you will get KS'ed by someone.

As an example I spent a couple of hours in South Ro the other day trying to get the Ancient Cyclops to spawn so I could get the ring for the Journeyman Boots quest. I finally did get him to spawn, right in front of me to my lucky eyes, and engaged it. I had already taken at least a third of its health when this enchanter came up, charmed it, then gated to his bind point where he proceeded to finish it off and take the ring for himself. He then offered to sell the MQ in /ooc for 2 krono. A little bit later he did the same thing to another person who managed to get it to spawn, which the enchanter looted with his boxed alt. This guy even had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to buy the MQ from him!

I'm sure that anyone who played this game for any length of time can probably relate and tell similar stories. How did the game get this way? It isn't just Everquest that has problems like this either.

Then there are those who try and sell loot rights to stuff they can't use that would otherwise rot. These player will sit and hog a camp for stuff they can't use just to sell it, and prevent other players from trying to get it on their own. That leaves many people, especially those with limited play time, to feel they have no choice but to pay up or do without. Personally I won't buy loot rights from anyone, and I won't sell them myself.

I think at least some of it has to do with kronos. Lots of people use kronos to pay for their subscription time, and some sell them on the black market for real cash. This has created a lot of greedy, inconsiderate players who don't care what their reputation is or what they do to achieve their goals. Now I know in the early days people still farmed items to sell for platiunm, but it wasn't as easy to use that platinum to pay for your subscription (you'd have to sell your platinum for real cash then use that to buy time). Kronos just makes the whole thing much easier for people to do.

So are kronos the real culprit as to why the game has evolved into such a state, or is it merely a sign of the times where people feel they can get away with just about anything online because they are anonymous? Likely it is a bit of both.

I know this is just a game, and I am not naive to think that it would ever go back to the way it was in 1999. I just would like to see everyone be a little more considerate of others and behave in a civilized fashion as I would hope they do in real life.