Call of the Forsaken Alternate Abilities

In preparation for the new expansion I have added the new and changed AAs for this expansion. (I will update our spells once I have the data.)

There are two new abilities: Identify and Bind Affinity. Aside from avoiding the need to memorize a spell, these do very little for us. The rest are just additional ranks of existing AAs, most of which are useful. (list follows)


Identify (NEW)


Bind Affinity (NEW)
Companion's Blessing
Companion's Durability
Expansive Mind
Fury of Magic
Mental Clarity
Mental Stamina
Shield Block


Arcane Whisper
Companion of Necessity
Companion's Agility
Elemental Alacrity
Elemental Union
Extended Fire Core
Extended Ice Core
Extended Stone Core
Extended Swarm
Extended Vapor Core
Steel Vengeance
Sturdy Companion
Turn Summoned
Wind of Malosinete

(Applogies in advance if I missed any)