Call of the Forsaken Spells

With the new expansion magicians get four new spells, with three ranks each. See Finding Spells for obtaining these new spells. (brief summary follows)

Level 96: Maloseniac Eminence, Maloseniac Eminence Rk. II, Maloseniac Eminence Rk. III

Pet DS and chance to debuff attackers, but doesn't stack with Iceflame Eminence, so you have to make a choice between them.

Level 97: Shield of Fate, Shield of Fate Rk. II, Shield of Fate Rk. III

Probably the most useful of the new spells, this is a damage-absorbing buff.

Level 98: Iron Bolt, Iron Bolt Rk. II, Iron Bolt Rk. III

A magic-based direct damage bolt.

Level 100: Remote Relentless Servant, Remote Relentless Servant Rk. II, Remote Relentless Servant Rk. III

Alternate form of Relentless Servant, which lets you place where it spawn. For targets that aren't close to you this can mean the servant gets to spend more time striking the target.