Important EverQuest Gold Membership change

Just so no one misses this, if you are a gold member SOE just announced an important change to the gold membership: instead of getting 500 free SC each month, you can pick one free item worth up to 2000 SC, but you must choose before the next month or you lose it. [EDIT: This is apparently going to stay at 500 SC/month, which you will have to claim each month or lose it.]

"The week of February 3rd, 2014 we will be making a very important change to the Gold Membership level in EverQuest The current benefit of receiving 500 Station Cash (SC) monthly will be replaced with a new program that allows you to select one single item valued up to 2000 SC each month. Nearly all items within the games’ Marketplace will be available for this selection. Players Studio, bundles and additional exclusions may apply. This new benefit must be claimed each month that you are a member as it will not carry over to subsequent months." - Sony Online Entertainment