The new EQ Queue System

Just announced yesterday by Daybreak Game Company (which should help those who have been having trouble logging in to the new server):

The new EQ Queue System is now live!

After logging in, clicking Play, and reaching the Server Select screen, players will be notified if their selected server is full and that they have been added to the queue.

Clicking “Okay” in the queue notification window and staying at login (server select window) will retain a player’s place in the queue.

  • Queuing will auto login people when there's space. We have no counter or estimated wait time to display at this time.

  • Queuing puts players in the queue on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Multiple attempts won’t change the position in line.

  • Players remain in the queue. There is no time limit or disconnection due to inactivity.

  • Queuing will skip a player if their client isn't connected to the login server while trying to process their turn.

  • Queuing will skip a player that logged into other servers.

  • If you are disconnected and return before your place in the queue has been attempted by the server, you will be returned to your place in the queue.

  • If you are automatically logged in through the queue system and your character is inactive (AFK) for a reasonable period of time, you will be disconnected.

This system will make it easier for a group to friends to log in together, and start playing at the same time.