New Expanion Coming - The Darkened Sea

The next expanion to EverQuest will be called The Darkened Sea and will include 8 new zones, a level increase to 105, and new spells, AA and items. There will also be a new "Mount Key Ring" (poor name in my opinion) which will be able to store up to 128 mounts, freeing up bag space. The developers promised at EQ Live that all zones will be available at launch. I believe they said there will be 3 group tiers and 2 (?) raid tiers.

There is also going to be a new auto-loot feature which you will be able to use to choose what things should be auto-looted and what should be ignored. Exactly how this works was not described.

One interesting thing that was mentioned at SOE Live was some of the new caster spells would require Spell Focus items to realize their maximum effect. This is an attempt to try and equalize some of the imbalance verses the melee classes which are more heavily equipment dependant. No details on what spells this will affect (indeed no details on any of the spells yet).

Expected release dates are October 28 for All-Access members and September 11 for Free-to-Play. Beta should start soon.