The past few patches

Sorry about not updating the site in a while, but I have some real life issues I am dealing with. So here is a summary of what I feel are magician-related from the past few patches. I still need to determine exactly what has changed to summoned items and spells and update the website as needed.

May 21, 2014

  • Magician - [The spells] Renewal of Volark, Sirqo, and Hererra now heal for more and are more efficient.
  • Magician - Weapons summoned by Grant Spectral Armaments, Grant Manaforged Armaments, and Grant Frightforged Armaments have changed:
    • Damage procs have increased in power and have had a small hate override added.
    • Angering procs now add a percentage of hate instead of a flat amount.
    • Jolting procs now subtract a percentage of hate instead of a flat amount.
  • Offensive cast proc spells now have a range of 300.
  • Updated all spells which use Remove Detrimental and Cancel Beneficial spell effects to use a new method. The chances for those spells to affect their targets have not changed unless otherwise noted. [Not sure if this really affects us.]
  • The command /stopcast now works while mounted. Additionally, ducking while mounted will now stop your casting.

April 29, 2014

  • A Make All toggle has been added to the tradeskill window. When toggled, clicking Combine will craft the current recipe until components or inventory space runs out.
  • All characters can now participate in the Heroic Character quest granting access to Journeyman Tier 5 mercenaries. Speak to Investigator Drolmer in Feerrott, the Dream to receive this quest, "No Heroism Without Fear." Note that account access restrictions still apply and you will need to have an All Access account to use the highest tier mercenaries.

April 2, 2014

  • All mounts will now run at the speed of the fastest mount you have used. You may need to re-use your fastest mount in order to teach the others how quickly to run.
  • All player-castable auras that lasted 30 minutes have been extended to last 75 minutes.

March 12, 2014

  • Tradable Rank II spells should now drop randomly in Heroic Adventures.
  • New recipes for cultural armor are available! These recipes have come around through the hard work of the New Tanaan Merchant Alliance and have removed the subcombines. You can purchase the Compendiums from Culturalist Devari in the Plane of Knowledge. You can also get more information from Instructor Tenn. Please note all old recipes still currently function.
  • All players can now be bound in Feerrott - The Dream.
  • The Oggok stone in the Plane of Knowledge will now allow you to choose whether you wish to visit the original Feerrott or Feerrott, the Dream when you activate it.