Please report errors, omissions, and general feedback

You can report errors, omissions, and general feedback using the Contact button on the top. If you find something wrong on this site (even typos, so they can be fixed) please let me know.

I am also open to suggestions for other things you think would be useful to add, though I make no guarantees that I will be able to or have time to do them. I make no money off this site, and pay for the hosting costs myself. I do it as a "labor of love" as I have played a magician in EQ continuously since 2000 (before Kunark released), and have always loved playing a mage. That said, my goal is to help my fellow mages, so if it is something I can do I will probably do it as time permits.

You can find me as Romen on Ragefire or Cazic servers (also on Test as Mentas though I haven't been there much lately, and a couple of other servers that I also haven't been on in a while). I am even Romen on the Project 1999 PVE ("blue") server. If you find me in game feel free to say hi.